What is the Advantage of Using RFID and NFC?

Pouch wristbands for the Summer Siren event
Radio frequency identification system (RFID) is the father of another event software that now gaining its popularity around the world. NFC which stands for near field communication system is the sub system technology from the first one. Worked in pretty much similar way, the basic thing to differentiate both is on the distance coverage. Whilst the RFID cover much wider to transmit the data, the NFC system works in specifically tight range of space. It is just a matter of the ability of the organizer to provide the infrastructure to carry on the system on their event.
But then again what is the benefit that we could get as an organizer or as a guest from using the system?
First thing first, the technology provider boasts about the time saving that the organizer and the guest a like would find it as pleasure thing. Trap in queue would be messing up for the guest who is run in here and there to catch up the stage schedule, a line more likely to cause a bad impression for the organizer. Using RFID/ NFC system, a guest cut off few second of their time while doing transactions which would bring a big impact while there were huge crowd gather on.
Who do not love the planet earth? Well then, the millennial generations proof out to be a nice market to respond on the issue. Throw out a green movement issue while using a wristband to replace paper on the event venue, would be something to be brag out for them in social media, voila, scoring another one for the marketing publications!
The last one is about the data collection. It is not just an act of tapping here and there, but while the guests do transactions or voted on something or getting touch by somebody on the event venue, all the data transmitted directly, to the data centre. The real-time data, something that would be useful to formulate the next event.
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